The D Z Strad Viola Model 101 is the ideal viola for the intermediate viola player. This viola is most popular amongst teachers, students, and expert musicians. The D Z Strad brand has won our rating as the best intermediate viola brand in both our 2017 best viola brands and 2016 best viola brands rankings. When compared to other intermediate violas, the Model 101 is reasonably priced at about $400 for a complete viola outfit.

When you set your eyes on this beauty for the first time, you will be surprised at the great amount of detail and thought D Z Strad put into the design of the Model 101. The design sets it apart from most other brands available in the exact same price range.

You can immediately see that the viola is made using only the best toned wood and is well-built to play deep tones that are crisp and clean to the ear. Not only is it well made, but it comes highly recommended by private tutors as it is easy to use when you are a beginner.

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Overview of D Z Strad Model 101


  • Great for beginners and intermediate users
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Outfit includes the case, bow, and rosin
  • Great playability
  • The case has straps included making it easier to carry
  • Made from durable materials


  • Not made for using in a professional environment

What Makes the D Z Strad Viola Model 101 Unique?

For a novice practice instrument, the D Z Strad Viola Model 101 is unique. This viola is the preferred instrument amongst Suzuki teachers. With its outstanding design, warm tones, pleasing notes, and superb shape, the Model 101 has a smooth body that makes it easy to hold and lift.

The instrument is hand-carved with toned woods. DZ Strad used organic tones for the color which makes the instrument pleasing to the eye in an orchestral environment. For some, the price of any D Z Strad instrument may seem steep, but when you look at the hard work put into a viola it is worth spending your hard-earned money on it.

You can buy the D Z Strad Model 101 viola in many different sizes ranging from 12-inches right through to 16.5-inches. This viola also does not need many upgrades so you don’t spend much money out-of-pocket once you’ve bought the instrument.

You may find a cheaper viola online, but you can be assured that most violas in this price range for the intermediate player are not made of quality materials. You may also pay more for upgrades or repairs later on which could end up costing you a fortune.


  • Favored by many private and Suzuki teachers
  • Durable design and made from hardwood toned wood
  • Top is made from selected Russian Spruce that is air dried over a period of 5 years
  • Includes the viola, bag, bow, and rosin

Who Is It Made For?

The D Z Strad Viola Model 101 is an intermediate musical instrument designed for the student who has been playing for at least a year.  Teachers recommend this viola for beginners and intermediate viola player.

Although it does not compare to its counterpart the D Z Strad 509, it comes close and is a unique practice piece.

How Much Will You Pay?

The D Z Strad Model 101 viola typically costs between $300-$400 for a high-quality instrument. When you look at the design and craftsmanship used, it is worth every cent compared to other high-end viola brands that you can buy online.

What Do You Get with the Outfit?

When you buy this intermediate viola, you receive the best instrument for intermediate viola students, an included horsehair bow, a shoulder rest, and rosin.

The included case keeps your viola secure in place and you can place the bow in with the cover to separate them from each other. The strings are of high quality and need no upgrade, saving you quite a bit.

Customer Remarks

Reviews of the D Z Strad Viola Model 101 available online show that customers are more than pleased with their purchase. They say that the instrument gives a powerful and deep sound. The packaging is very attractive and the included case keeps both the viola and bow securely in place.

I love the viola , 14 years old and I am an beginner at playing the viola but I already knew I loved it so much I got a professional one. So the product is overall beautifully made with great shipping speed and nothing was damaged whats so ever. It was also wrapped very securly and confidently, the bow is wonderful and just completes the whole package. Its made out of horse hair but when you play on it makes the most wonderful sounds. The case is wonderfully secure for the viola to be put in as well with the bow it comes with a cover so the bow and viola won’t collide. There are straps included with,the case and light rosin that is made in america. I didn’t particularly like light rosin but this kind sound a wonderful and gives it that mystical and warm feeling I love listening to. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IT.
Really enjoying my new viola. Solidly built… looks and sounds great!
E. Thornton
I was expecting a very low quality bow. I was looking for something to play with, for fun. But it’s actually pretty decent. I’m impressed. shocked really considering how little I paid for it…
Kalindi Bellach

Who is D Z Strad?

D Z Strad is a renowned musical instrument manufacturer that has a shop located in the heart of New York. With years of wisdom and experience, they make violas for all ages. They offer a diverse range of products that are recognized by both novices and professionals worldwide.

They make some great warm-toned Orchestral String Musical Instruments and one of their standout instruments is the D Z Strad Viola. You can even find some abstract instrument designs in their collection.

Final Verdict

If you have been looking for reasons not to like the D Z Strad Viola Model 101, we are sure that you have found few if any. The instrument is well-crafted and worth the price. There is no need to pay for additional upgrades for this viola since it works well out-of-the-box.

The Model 101 comes with the best strings, bow, and carrying case. If you need a higher-end beginner viola, this is the best viola available since it will grow with you as you become an intermediate player. Everything that comes with this model is top-notch and quality.

41P9Hrgis9L1-300x300 D Z Strad Viola Model 101 Review Product Reviews Reviews


See D Z Strad Model 101 on Amazon

  • Quality of Materials
  • Ready-to-Play
  • Durability
  • Price


Excellent viola for intermediate students at a reasonable price.