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Viola Central is a site for viola players of all ages. It is designed for both amateur and professional musicians to celebrate the instrument that is often forgotten about in the middle of the orchestra

Viola Central was developed by Bobby, a violist who has been active for over 17 years and currently plays with the Richmond Philharmonic and the University of Richmond Symphony.

We also have a sister site called Cello Central where you can mix with the cello community and find reviews on cello gear.

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Meet the Violin’s Larger Cousin, the Viola

Often neglected or forgotten about by its well-known cousins, the violin and cello, the humble viola sits in the middle of the orchestra.

What is the Viola?

In the classical string instrument family, the viola is the mysterious, underrated middle child. It sits between the violin and the cello and is often overlooked, especially during a piece where the piercing fervor of the violin and the rich magnitude of the cello tend to swallow the mellow middles. Yet, with a dark and full timbre, the viola manages very well in supporting a symphony. It fills in a piece with artless substance. Without it, the ensemble would fall flat and sound noticeably hollow. As such, the viola is often cast as a significant harmonic role rather than a melodic one by composers.

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History of the Viola

When was the viola invented? Nobody knows for sure. All we know is that it is an instrument that has evolved through centuries, and it was widely believed to have first developed from ancient bow and string instruments around 1500 in Italy.

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