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Bobby has been playing the viola for over 17 years and performs in several orchestras around the Richmond, VA area. His favorite viola piece is Romance Oubliée.

7 Best Viola Brands Review 2016

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This is our 2016 best viola brands rankings. See our new best viola brands rankings updated for 2017. The viola is known for its deep, mellow tone which makes buying the right viola paramount. You need to buy a viola brand that is known for high quality workmanship that

10 Best Viola Strings Review 2017

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Strings are one of the most important parts of the viola as they, when combined with a bow, ultimately produce the beautiful tones that violas are known for so it is therefore it is vital for you to pick the best viola strings. Given the wide variety of

Viola: Neglected No Longer

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Finally the viola gets to shine! BBC interviewed Brett Dean, former member of the Berlin Philharmonic's viola section, about why he likes the viola and how it has taken a prominent role on-stage in orchestras around the world. As more of a promo for his Viola Concerto

Best Viola Brands for Beginners 2017

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Beginner viola players need an instrument that is both ready-to-play out-of-the-box and is cost-effective since they may not continue playing for long. Our comprehensive list of beginner viola brands below has been evaluated by our staff to ensure that they are both beginner- and budget-friendly. Each of

Why Are Viola Jokes so Short?

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Why are viola jokes so short? So violinists can understand them.

How Do You Protect Your Instrument?

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How do you protect your instrument? Pack it in a viola case. How do you protect your instrument? #funwcq #silly #funny #cute #lol #catalystquartet #violajokes A photo posted by Catalyst Quartet (@catalystquartet) on Dec 29, 2015 at 2:01pm PST

Top 5 Viola Shoulder Rests 2016

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Kun K400C Viola Shoulder Rest - Kun is by far the most common viola and violin shoulder rest brand. A real classic, this should rest boasts collapsible and adjustable feet to limit space taken up in a viola case and fit a wide range of viola sizes.

Yuri Bashmet – the Sexiest Violist Alive

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Name: Yuri Bashmet Instrument: Viola (Paolo Testore - 1758) Born: 1953 Fun Fact: "One of his early PR pictures had him naked in bed with nothing but his instrument to protect his modesty" - Sinfini No other violist has made the instrument quite as sexy for audiences, composers, and

There Are Only 13 of These Violas in Existence Today

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The oft-cited Stradivari violins and cellos are not the only string instruments that the famous Stradivari family crafted. They made violas as well. In fact, there are currently 13 known Stradivarius violas still in existence to this day. These instruments are so rare that one even was

Romance Oubliée by Franz Liszt

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Romance Oubliee is the only piece written for viola and piano and does a phenomenal job of highlighting the viola's deep, vibrant tones. This is the only Liszt work for piano and viola, apart from the Harold transcription, and the broken chords