Yamaha SVV200 Silent Viola

Yamaha SVV200 Silent Viola

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Dual piezo pickups and EQ dial provides a rich, warm tone
Body design provides very natural feel
Wood side frame

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The Yamaha SV 200 Silent Viola offers all the advantages of an electric instrument — easy amplification without feedback, the use of effects, silent practice, etc. while still feeling, playing and sounding similar to a high quality acoustic violin.It is a perfect instrument for performances at concert halls, studios or outdoor stages.Top Quality Electronics Noise-free circuitry and line out impedance optimized for use with professional audio equipment make the Silent Viola excellent for use on stage or in studios where quality sound is a must. Full-Sized Frame The Silent Viola s standard 16 scale and full-sized frame design will make the violist feel comfortable from the start. While providing a more natural feel, its all-wood frame is finished with a special black matte finish and can accommodate nearly any standard chin and shoulder rest. EQ Control A special circuit designed by Yamaha isolates and controls the instrument s upper harmonics, which have a great influence on the overall tone. Modifying the tonal color makes it possible to adjust to individual playing styles, room conditions, the PA system, etc. Quartets Yamaha s Silent Viola blends effortlessly with Silent Violins Silent Cello in a traditional quartet. Traditional only in form you can play anything, anywhere at any volume! I have been playing Yamaha since they introduced the first generation of electric strings. The Silent Violin was a terrific concept and features through headphones. Of course the most recent models are my favorites, the EV205 and SVV-200. (I am, after all a true viola soul!) Martha Mooke, Violist Composer.
Dual piezo pickups and EQ dial provides a rich, warm tone
Body design provides very natural feel
Wood side frame
Professional studio-quality preamp
Made to standard 16” viola body length

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